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Difference between Free and Paid Websites:

This article will explain you the comparison of free and paid websites. Free web hosting does not merely go to waste. It has some advantages mentioned below:
1- If you are just going to start an online business first time, the results of a free website will enable you to assess whether you should continue with paid or not.
2- Those who are not experienced and do not have command over creating and maintaining their website, can take a good start from free web hosting.
3- If you cannot afford paid web hosting, then definitely, you can begin your business through building free website.

4- If the bandwidth required by your website is less, free website will benefit you.
Now, following points will let you know why a paid website is better than free one and what the disadvantages of free website are:
1- The space is less and you cannot get a name in the market with your competitors.
2- The free website service providers will offer you the domain name with the affiliation, not an independent name. Thus, does not leave a good impression upon your visitors. This is because, it shows that the business is newly established and you are not an expert in your field like your rivals.

3- The data transfer speed of your website is not so high as compared to paid website holders. When you want to upload your photos, audio or video files on your website, it takes much time due to lesser transmission rate.
4- User defined scripts cannot be run on a free website.
5- The technical assistance is provided to the paid website only.
6- If you have a free website of a shopping store, the volume of sales will be comparatively lower. The number of sales increases when your website is paid and provides better quality.
7- Some of the features provided free of cost by the company are for a limited period of time. When the time period expires, you no longer can avail that feature.
8- If your website was free earlier and now you have switched to paid one, you cannot transfer the “.htaccess” file. This file is used to redirect your website to the new link and you have to add some commands in this file so that the search engine redirects your visitor to the new URL next time. It is called “301 Permanent Redirect”.

9- 404 Error is known as Custom Error Page and it is not available to the free websites. If your customer opens your website and there is some error, but the message does not appear that “Web Page is not available” or “Web page is not found”. The option of the specific error is only for the paid website users.
10- The company providing free website, definitely, posts its advertisement on your website whatever it wants. It is not necessary that the advertisement supports your need and customer’s requirements.
11- The template for the free website is for the time being and you do not own it.
So a paid website is one time investment and gives you long lasting benefits.







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