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How to Request Location of Your Friend?

If you are eager to know where your friend is at this time, you are at the right place. This website will let you know the exact location of your friend. Using this site is quite easy. You have three options to trace your friend's location,i.e. Through SMS, Through Facebook, or through Whatsapp What you have to do is: Simply, click on the link of SMS, Facebook or Whatsapp to trace your friends' current location. There will be a message in the link. Send this message to your friend (whose location you want to trace). As he receives this message, he will definitely click on it. When your friend clicks the link, this website page will take you to a link. There you will see on the map, where he actually is. You may have to wait until your friend clicks on the link. How will you come to know that he has clicked yet or not? Well, on this web page, a link is also there on which you click and be informed about it. If your friend has not clicked yet, you will see this message on the link, "no one clicked yet".