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Website Designing Video Course:

Welcome you all in the course of Web Designingu. We have offered this course in simple wording and easy Urdu language looking at your interest and demand. Web designing means the process of designing a website that you see on your browser being anywhere in the world, if you have an internet connection. It is very interesting and its trend is going up and up. It is said that in the near future, every business will run on the web. So, its know-how is very important. Let us have a start with the name of Allah, who is the most kind and the most merciful.



This course is about web designing in HTML, CSS and JQuery with the help of web designing tool called “Dreamweaver”. We will also guide you how you can create a blog or a website on the Wordpress. Besides, the ways how to earn through a website will also be shared with you. The total number of lectures in this course is 30 and the duration of this course is one month. You will watch one video daily and learn web designing step by step. At the end of this course, you will be able to design a complete website and earn through it. If you practice daily what you learn, you will find it easy and your interest will develop.
This course is free and accessible to everyone and at the end of this course; you can apply for the certificate. A minimal amount will be charged for the certificate and you will get a diploma within the short duration of one month only. The video lectures have been uploaded at dailymotion and not at youtube, so that you feel no trouble in downloading or buffering the video.
The course will start from the basics of web designing and will direct you to further concepts step-by-step. If you are not a programmer or a web developer, you do not need to worry. We are using Dreamweaver in which we can design with the built-in features and there is no hard and fast involvement of code. However, you will be able to learn the code behind and know how to edit the code where required.
HTML is basically used to develop static websites and CSS is a stylesheet to format the text, font, color and images, etc. There is simple designing and no database attachment as we require in other computer languages, e.g. PHP, Dot Net, etc.
It is not merely the target of this course that you learn how to design a website. It is equally important that you know about the ways and techniques of making money online with the help of your website. It will be a great source of earning for you, if you follow the tactics mentioned in the course. It will broaden your vision, clear your concepts and make you have a side-business with a little investment. Hope, you will enjoy this way of teaching and will drop your suggestions, if any.








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